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Injury prevention statistics

Most, if not all, injuries are predictable and preventable.

When injuries occur, there is often a reason, or a cause, that led to the injury. By understanding the reason, or cause we are able to recognise the risks and take simple steps to minimise the harm and therefore reduce the incidences of injuries that occur in our community. However, to achieve this requires building a ‘culture of safety’ by changing our attitude and behaviour, and just thinking about how we can take steps to keep safe.

STCT has identified the following outcome and goal to further grow and improve community safety done in Gisborne/Tairāwhiti around injury prevention.


Targeting high risk clients who meet specific criteria of having experienced a fall/or another type of injury within their home environment or have been identified by clinicians/health professionals as being at high risk of an injury occurring within their home environment

Home Safety Falls Prevention is a 3 year pilot programme with extensive collaboration between Tairawhiti District Health professionals, ACC, St John, Primary Care and Sport Gisborne Steps 2 Move programme.

Tihei Mauri Ora

Supporting whānau through suicidal distress is a resource developed by the Mental Health Foundation and the Ministry of Health aimed at helping whānau and friends support their loved ones who are going through a period of distress, experiencing a crisis of faith, or are just calling out for help.  This resource gives you information about what to look for and how to help someone who maybe feeling suicidal.  This resource identifies six key poutoko, or principles that emphasise the importance of te tapu o te tangata (the value of human life) and the individual, and the collective responsibility to protect tapu

We highly recommend that you download a copy of  Tihei Mauri Ora – Supporting Whanau if you know of someone, or you are expressing suicidal thoughts.


Download a copy of the Gisborne District – ACC injury prevention statistics

Injury Prevention Aotearoa has developed a very useful toolkit that provides communities with information, and ideas for people who are passionate about organising action to prevent injuries in the community.

Download a copy of the Injury Prevention Toolkit